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Thursday, January 31, 2008

the Swedes are coming...

From: "Dr Susan Block Institute"
To: "'Frank Moore'"
Subject: RE: the Swedes are coming...

The Swedes are coming to Eros Day tonight!
I'm looking forward to playing with the "big puppy dogs" :)
Wish you were here, but we will be talking about you!
In Times of Darkness, We Must Make Light
In Times of Cold, We Must Make Heat
In Times of War, We Must Make Love
In Times of Thanatos, We Must Make Eros
And All Eros Day Night, We Must Eat, Drink, Dance, Sing, Swing, Squirt,
Spank, Suck, Fuck & Be Merry!
Amen * Awomen * Happy Eros Day!

Xo Suzy

Frank Moore wrote:

how did it go? can't wait to hear!

i'm getting ready to send you forms, letters of intent, etc. we will need to fill out. where can i get your bio?

hey, that poem is a great campaign speech!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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