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Sunday, January 07, 2007

I'm also voting for you, for president!

It's hard to dissagree with any of your platform, nonetheless, I'm sure conservatives will find a way to demonise a raised minnimum wage and socialised medicine.

I have faith that soon, activists like you will force america to recogise the unfairness in our social system.

You rock the house dude!

P.S. I just attended a candle lit vigil for the 3,000 dead american soldiers. I so wish that the administration would realse that they can't just throw poor young men at thier problems. We are tired of beng killed for someone elses profit, while veterans benifits get cut more and more. Sorry, I'm sad because my friend are dying in Iraq. Republicans AND Democrats keep starting stupid wars. We have so many problems in this country, that the last thing we need is problems overseas.

Thank you for being an activist and just for being visible.


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