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Thursday, May 01, 2008

what does tenn. require?

Frank Moore: what does tenn. require?

Blue House: you need to fill out a simple form, that's all.

Frank Moore: no people for electors?

Blue House: No, just a form.

Frank Moore: great!

Blue House: Well, I was wrong! Tennessee requires a simple form that you fill out, but it also requires a list of 11 electors pledged to the candidate. The list has to include electors' names and addresses. 9 of the electors have to be one from each of Tennessee's 9 congressional districts, and 2 can be "at large". The filing window for this information is between August 22 - September 15.

The reason why they don't make all of this information available on their website is because they consider this form of running for president a last resort for independent candidates who do not simply get themselves on the ballot by getting 275 signatures in Tennessee. The signatures can come from anywhere in TN.


Blue House: August 21

There is a process to obtaining the signatures, detailed below:
> "An independent presidential candidate must choose eleven (11) electors
> as outlined below. Each elector shall circulate his own petition to obtain
> the signatures and
> addresses of at least twenty-five (25) registered voters. Unless a
> candidate files eleven (11)
> separate petitions (one for each elector), each of which contains the
> signatures of at least
> twenty-five (25) registered voters, the candidate's name will not appear
> on the ballot. The filing
> deadline for petitions is 12:00 NOON, Central time, on the third Thursday
> in August (August
> 21, 2008). TCA §2-5-101(a). Petitions may be obtained no more than 90 days
> before the
> qualifying deadline date (first date to obtain petition is May 23, 2008).
> Any registered voter of
> the State of Tennessee may sign the nominating petition. However, the
> electors must be
> selected as follows: For each of the nine congressional districts in
> Tennessee, one (1) elector
> will be elected who is a resident of the congressional district. Two (2)
> additional electors will
> be elected who may be residents of any part of the state.
> TCA §§2-15-101 and 2-15-102.
> The original of each petition shall be filed with the State Election
> Commission and a
> certified duplicate with the Coordinator of Elections. Both shall be
> submitted to the following
> address:
> 312 Eighth Avenue North
> 9th Floor, William Snodgrass Tower
> Nashville, Tennessee 37243"

Frank Moore: in other words, tenn. goes into the disinfranchised states category!


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