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Saturday, July 12, 2008

you're outside d.c., eh?!

Frank Moore wrote:
davey, my good friend! could you get me 3 people in d.c. to be my electors? all they need to do is fill out a form...which i can get to you. d.c. is one of the easiest places to get qualified...except i don't know anybody there!

davey wrathgabar wrote:
send the forms . . .
what's the deadline?
will work on it, but it shouldn't be a problem . . .

Frank Moore wrote:
great, daveyl we'll send you the form when it is available. the actual deadline is oct. but i want to get it done soon so we can focus on getting votes. we just qualified in maryland. that ad is coming out in georgia next week. do you know anybody in ohio, texas, florida? florida's deadline is the end of oct.!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Frank Moore wrote:
get this! d.c. can't find their form for elector for a write-in candidate! they are now looking for it!

Richard Winger wrote:
I'm very glad you're filing in D.C. In 1974 the D.C. Court of Appeals (not the US Court of Appeals in DC) ruled that D.C. must permit write-ins for president. Kamins v Bd of Elections of DC, 324 A 2d 187. Before then, DC wouldn't even print write-in space on the November ballot for president.

But even after this victory, DC won't count write-ins for declared presidential write-in candidates. In the aftermath of the 1974 Kamins decision, the lower court (Superior Court) issued an order on June 26, 1975. It says, "Ordered, that the deft, the Board o

Elections of the DC, provide a line on the ballot for President & V-P marked write-in candidates. 2.That the deft, the Bd of Elections in DC, count the names of write-in candidates for President & V-P of the US; provided, however, the said write-in candidate has a qualified slate of electors whose names and affidavits have been filed with the deft. Board at the appropriate time, prior to the election. 3. That the deft Board of Elections promulgate a regulation to provide for one and two above. 4. That pltf. be awarded his court costs. J. Hyde."

But they won't obey it! They claim they are "counting" the write-ins if they merely say the total number of write-ins cast for president, without saying how many were cast for any particular filed write-in candidate. I have always wished someone would file as a Declared write-in for president in DC, and it looks like you are the guy! Hooray for your campaign!

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, i'm your man! just one of the changes this campaign is inducing. find me a free lawyer!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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