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Friday, November 07, 2008

I tried ...

Aimee McCormick Ford wrote:
Dear Mr. Moore,

I was going to write you in today, but was faced with the old confusing machines, and hostile volunteers. I feel just terrible about it, I left the polls in quite a flustered state, and am so dismayed with our political system.

I take some responsibility on the matter, I should have done more research on how to write in and use the machines, I didn't know that you had to hold the button down while sliding the slot over at the same time, and the instructions in the booth were of no help, and I mistakenly ended my session before writing you in.

As a former performance artist, a current pacifist, special ed teacher and advocate for neuro and physical diversity I salute you, and hope to get it "write" in four years to come.

Aimee McCormick Ford

Frank Moore wrote:
aimee, thanks for making the effort! legally they should have given you another ballot. which state are you in?

in performance, the intensity of intent creates effect, deepens it. on this level, your trying to vote for me created a powerful effect! thank you! but they should have respected your vote. i do!

Aimee McCormick Ford wrote:
thank you for your reply, I live in Harlem NYC, . The polling place volunteers appeared a bit "biased" and they used the old voting machine. I was uncomfortable with the volunteer being in the booth with me, and she was being hostile. I was also uncomfortable with the whole room knowing I was writing in, and I perhaps could have stayed and fought to have it redone but became so flustered, suppose it was a performance in of itself, with everyone laughing at the crazy white lady.


Frank Moore wrote:
what they did was definitely illegal.

how did you come to know about my running for president?


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