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Monday, June 19, 2006


From: Voter
To: Frank Moore

Subject: RUN, Frank, RUN!

2008 lies in wait.

And along with it all the photogenic talking head politicians who turn out to be idiots.

Will you be our Man-cherotican Candidate?

Or, will you pull a Sherman on us? Or accept a draft. (You know what kind I mean. Of course, by then, they may actually be drafting 62-year-old guys in wheelchairs...)

From: "Frank Moore"

To: Voter
Re: RUN, Frank, RUN!

see, i ain't a crip...I'M RUNNING!

I'm your candidate! i'm rusty on my history. What is a "sherman"? I'm scandal-proof! Everything is out in the open with me! During the vietnam war I tried to join the marines. I went to their campus recruiters ... saying I CAN PUSH THE BUTTON! For some reason they didn't take me.

In freedom,
Frank Moore


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