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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Franklin Furnace Archive, Inc. Goings On

Frank Moore: hey, harley! did martha (Martha Wilson, Founding Director, Franklin Furnace, Inc., NYC) see that I want her as my secretary of culture?

Harley Spiller, Administrator: Hi Frank - not sure if she did - its news to me - great news! Martha see Frank's note below - whoohooo - MW in the White House - but then again Frank and Company will probably tie dye all of Pennsylvania Avenue! Harley cc: Martha

FM: don't tell anybody! the tie-dyed house is a state secret! mikee just painted erika's car. now we have a fleet of 3 multi-colored cars!

HS: p.s. your secrets are always safe with me – and vice versa I hope!

FM: hey, if i wasn't good at keeping secrets, you'd be in jail!

HS: Right!!!

FM: thus, you're voting for me, etc....right?

HS: I’m as yet undecided but leaning towards a write in for Honest Abundance (Frank More – get it?) harley

FM: so how can i nail you...your vote...down?

HS: Just keep on keeping on Frank and chances are great…

FM: great! but what will clinch it for you?

Martha Wilson, Founding Director, Franklin Furnace: We mentioned your campaign in "The History of the Future: A Franklin Furnace View of Performance Art" at the Abrons Art Center of Henry Street Settlement. How is it going? I look forward to voting Bush out and voting you in!"


HS: What who me buckle to the boss? I’m still holding my cards close to my vest – let ya know more after the primaries. Knock em out Frank – and let us know what kind of help we might provide with Goings On or whatever.

FM: ah, you are waiting to see if Dennis and Mr. Paul win. But who luvs ya, baby?


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