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Wednesday, October 03, 2007



There was no one there for a while, and then a few people started arriving ... we met Chris, and told him that Frank would have loved to be there, but had the campaign tour to L.A. starting early the next morning. He understood, and was glad to have us there, and was telling us about how he had been living in Berkeley for some years, so he knew about Frank, had seen FMUP on BTV ... and was surprised when he got the email from us! Hey, this is a celebrity! He said that he was really impressed by the presidential website, that it was really well done. They started getting set up and a few from their group picked up platforms ... but generally kept a kind of curious distance ... Over the course of the evening, there were a lot of people who passed, but few who really stopped to look at what this was ... Some of the folks who came for the screening took platforms, and Terry was one of them ... she knew of Frank, and we found out later that it was through the performance at the OTO where she had lived years back. She was impressed that Frank was running for President, and when she started reading the platform, was commenting on various parts that she liked. She bought a button, headed into the screening, and later on when she was leaving, she got another one for a friend, and had hers on! She referred to the OTO performance being "wild"! She also said in reference to Frank running, that it was really great, because "We need a serious candidate!" Among the people who came was Zachary Running Wolf, who spoke about the oak grove protest before the movie started.

After the movie ended and people were coming out, there was a german couple who probably thought this was some kind of a joke ... but we handed them platforms, and they asked what were some of Frank's planks, which we started listing for them ... their skeptical smiles didn't totally disappear, but somewhat transformed into an appreciation of Frank's running, and presenting alternative ideas like these. They were very impressed that he had been interviewed by the Independent of London!

Afterwards, Chris thanked us for coming out, a little apologetic over the number of people that came ... but we said that it was fine, and that Frank has said that it is changing reality, one person at a time, that that level is where real change happens!


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