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Monday, September 24, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Ah, I’m slowly recovering from the L. A. leg of our Enough Campaign Tour. Other bands do tours to support their latest cds. The Cherotic All-Stars tour to support our presidential campaign! It was fitting that it was a part of the on-going Dung Mummy Music series curated by the hop-frog kollectiv at Il Corral…through the hard work of Carl Off…fitting because the Dung Mummy, the hop-frog kollectiv, and Il Corral are all successful models of the collective community focused on living and creating with one other with passion which I want to bring to the country. It was a luxury to play at the nest that is Il Corral 2 nights in a row so that the performance could evolve over that stretch…which was why at the end of Friday’s jam I announced “TO BE CONTINUED.” Friday Suzy Block, my running mate, came to introduce me to the packed room before I gave my speech. On the sidewalk outside of the club we talked deeply with Suzy about the state of the nation, about how I will depend on her as my vice-president to keep the congress in line by seducing them, how we will replace fear with joy, etc. Saturday my best friend of 40 years Steve Emanuel gave a fiery passionate introduction speech for me. Both nights the crowd eagerly, seriously, and intensely went into the new possibilities for our society that this ticket is demanding. It wasn’t a far away dream for the people in that room, but a very real, very doable reality that is already taking roots.

The Spit set Friday was very emotional and raw. So the jam afterward sucked that energy in as its starting point as I did a 3-minute vocal solo. Then Linda and Erika joined me for a nude “Explosive” [which is Carl Off’s adjective!] vocal/physical/sexual dance. The rest of the band soon joined us… Gary Ponder, drums, Jackie and Vinnie Santino on percussion, Steve Davis on bass, Steve Emanuel and Leo Coronado on guitars. This jam explored small intimacy, quiet details growing intense, melting into tides reaching out to one another, pleasure building and transforming. Now don’t you want to live and play in this always?

Saturday’s show was made up of bands for whom…just like for Vinnie the night before…music obviously is a way of life, of transformation, of community. So after each band played, I added to my already formidable core band by inviting the other bands to join the all-stars. At one point it looked like the band would crowd the audience out of the room. But it worked out. It wasn’t the biggest all-stars in terms of numbers of members (the record is 20…sorry, Carl). But we did have more instruments and cords than ever before! Steve E. on guitar and harmonica and I doing vocals began the jam with a duet, a nonverbal musical conversation under a projection of my video Reality Shaping History of a Performance Artist in Dirty Pictures (photos of our past performances of the last 30 years). After a few minutes, nude Linda and Erika led the charge of the rest of the band into the strobing lights. Stane Hubert, the pop of Il Corral, did amazing things as the sound guy. Christie Scott, the mom of Il Corral combined her punk operatic vocals with Linda’s, Erika’s, and my voices. Steve Davis and Jeremy Morelock laid down deep bass grooves into the heart of darkness, which then exploded firecrackers of guitars of

Steve Emanuel and Leo Coronado. The great tidal wave of noise of the synthesizers of Patrick Rodriguez, Justin Cassidy and Eddie The Floater pressed deeper into intimate passions, beating with the juicy tribal heart of the percussion of Eric Baughn a.k.a. Hermit the Flog, Sandor Finta and T-eem. Carl Off added a sweet cherry of warm color with his melodica/looping to the pleasure rubbing inside that lasted about an hour. Powerful stuff, especially in the political context. It could change everything, bringing deep joy to the nation…the deep joy we released at Il Corral!

People feel this deep joy through the campaign. Sunday night we ate at Hugo’s for the first time. We had one of those hip, cool waiters who make recommendations before you ask…who get blown out at how much we eat! As is our way, we started telling him about the campaign, the performances, our life…giving him the button, the platform, etc. At one point he looked like he was about to cry. He said we knew how to “do it up.” It filled him up with hope for the country. At another point he brought another waiter to the table. He had shown her my platform. She said what we were doing was very important. Of course we gave her a MOORE/BLOCK button. She put it right on and wore it all night! The campaign releases hope, joy, and excitement.

Of course Mikee videoed both entire nights. But as I was writing this I got the word that somebody had put on a 20-minute segment of the Saturday jam. (Hey, Elizabeth Monk…I was wrong...YouTube does allow nudity.])Part 1 is and Part 2 is Ah, we are at a whole new level when a video is on the web even before you get home from your event! It’s an extremely intense, well-done video.

And now I will continue my recovery!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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