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Friday, August 31, 2007

More about last night's show


"I washed some dishes and then told Carl all about the anniversary five day party and then he told me about a film he had seen that was made by older Native Americans and I told him about the Ozzy video. The show started, two hours of amazing talk about Frank's campaign. Wow!! Carl took it all so seriously and was so animated asking Frank specific questions about how things would work and Frank always had a clear answer as we could see the possibly of transformation right before us. The talk about changes to radio stations and tv stations making them available to every community was amazing, then on to taxes and giving everyone 1,000 a month, so human, so much for the people. It was a rockin debate and so amazing to get it all out there, Carl as Frank's body guard saying he would take a bullet to save Frank as it would make things better for his children."


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