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Thursday, August 23, 2007

A heartbreaking platform

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore
Subject: A heartbreaking platform

Dear Mr Moore

Unfortunately since the administration of Ronald Wilson Reagan the country has been held hostage to extremist reactionary dogma and held in the vice like grip of corporate and religious extremist . I think some of your ideas make sense . Education and Health care should not be luxuries .I think that independents like the Greens should be allowed into the debates.

While nuclear power has proven too unstable for the domestic power grid it still has specialized applications for spacecraft. I think that there should be money spent on the space program because of the potential for a cornucopia of knowledge to be uncovered below I have some recommended web sites. So there here is not just the possibility of other worlds existing but the means to get there !

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter
Subject: A heartbreaking platform

Well, I agree...except for using nuclear power for rockets given NASA's accident denial mentality. It would take one accident going through the atmosphere to spread atomic debris over a wide area. That is an unacceptable risk. We can find more suitable answers once we get over our fixation on nuclear ($).

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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