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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Press Inquiry

From: Ravi Somaiya
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Press enquiry

Dear Frank,
I'm a journalist for a British newspaper called the Independent. I'm writing a story on the presidential candidates for 2008, and was hoping you were free for a brief talk on the phone as part of that.

If it's something you'd be interested in, I'm contactable on this email address.

Many Thanks,
Ravi Somaiya

On 15 Aug 2007, at 04:40, Frank Moore wrote:
I would love to! when? iIm usually available after 4pm pacific time.
But this week is shaping up as a busy one. tTursday night I'm giving a campaign speech. Saturday I'm giving a radio interview. And Sunday I do my internet show. But other than that I'm all yours!

In freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Frank
To: Ravi Somaiya; Dr. Susan Block
Subject: Re: Press enquiry

Suzy, here is your first "duty" as my vice president. Ravi today did a phone interview with me. (He said I made HIM sweat!) He now wants to interview you as my V.P..

In freedom,
Frank Moore

From: "Dr. Susan Block Institute
To: "'Frank Moore'
Cc: ravi.somaiya (The Independent)
Subject: RE: Press enquiry

Hi Frank & Ravi,

Your email came in just as I was brushing up on your planks, Frank. I must say this is a genius platform of peace and prosperity that is really quite practical. This makes me even more excited about being your running mate. It also makes me realize: America is at war with everything. Most American politicians are in the war business. We are not in the war business. We're in the people business. The only way we can stop the wars is to take the reins of power (nicely, with a kiss) from the war profiteers.

And with a platform like yours, we can't lose! We will win by inserting new ideas for new generations. And I know just how I'm going to refurbish Number One Observatory Circle.

I'd be happy to talk to Ravi. The Independent is the home of one of my favorite writers about the war, Robert Fisk.

Peace through pleasure
Sane and humane
Susan M. Block, Ph.D.
The Dr. Susan Block Show
Los Angeles: 213.749.1330 (main office, gallery and studio)
London: (44) 20.710.19430 Paris: (33) 1.727.70134 Sydney: (61) 28.080.2716 Tel Aviv: (97) 22.649.97.72


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