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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Frank on social justice

From: Karole Skeen
To: Renaissance Community
Sent: Friday, August 10, 2007 8:04 AM
Subject: Frank on social justice

Dearest Frank,
I watched you on It was so cool to see you and Linda. I am looking forward to meet her someday.

I got all emotional seeing you in those videos, being happy and excited about the possibilities you were advancing for our country. I agree with much of what you have to say. I don't agree with automatically granting $1K a month to everyone. The most famous poet in Québec, Félix Leclerc, wrote, "If you want to kill a man, give him money." Of course, there will always be exception to this -- like taking care of people who truly need assistance, whether permanently or for short periods of time until they are capable of taking care of themselves and/or their families (thinking of single parents and those who assist people with special needs).

What I am advocating instead is a much healthier minimum wage, so that it is always worth the effort for people to devote their time to another's company or to work for society. When you think of it, who do you want to be without for an entire month: the CEOs of the country or the garbage collectors? Yet the CEOs get millions for their jobs and the garbage collectors barely make a living. I definitely favor a Maximum Income -- which your 75% tax after $1M is a great tool to limit the greater abuses in the existing distribution of wealth (that's an oxymoron for sure). (A society that doesn't suffer from wants on all levels will support the arts and the artists that I'm sure you are considering with your policy.)

I was very touched when you said, "You have always imagined this kind of world. We just need leaders who share our dreams." That is a true insight into humanity. I, I'm sure one among the multitudes, always imagine a world with justice; oftentimes, I'm resigned that I will never know it. You, on the other hand, obviously refuse to be resigned about this. You will go out fighting for justice and equality. I must say that I admire and love you greatly for it. You inspire me to continue with the tool I am using toward the same end result.


From: Frank Moore
Sent: August 11, 2007
Subject: Re: Frank on social justice

This warms me, Karole...warms us here! My stock in trade has always been hope. Hope fuels change. Most politicians trade in fear. I enjoy life. That opens up possibilities.

I'll address your concerns about the guaranteed minimum income in my next speech. But i think the belief that having that kind of safety net somehow cripples people is one of those myths which creates smoke that is meant to confuse. We don't hear it about inheritance, tax breaks, corporate bailouts, etc....only money for poor people. I would suggest it isn't the money, but the demeaning process, the treating of the people as second class citizens, etc. That cripples. I've been on S.S.I. Off and on since I was 17. The little money (I don't know how people who don't live tribally survive on it!) Is not the problem. For example, I can't work because I would lose not only the S.S.I. money, but my attendant and medi-cal. Today I caught my eye doctor limiting when I can make a time to see him because I'm on medi-cal...and lying about it! I can handle these kinds of things. But most people are not in a position to do so, so they eat it. But if everybody get the guaranteed minimum income, we would get rid of the demeaning process.

Such safety nets tend to keep all wages high...which is why they have ripped the safety net apart...which is why that myth!

In freedom,
Frank Moore


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