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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Here are the kinds of reactions from everyday people to the campaign


At BNG, it was the usual Wednesday routine ... Corey was telling folks about how Frank was going to be interviewed by the Independent and about his new running mate, Dr. Suzy Block! In general, it just made people happy, and amazed people. It was a kind of rush of feeling that anything is possible. And now people like Rosalina were asking before Corey even had a chance to say anything ... what was new with the campaign??

Corey continued to hand people fliers for the speech. A woman who works at KALX as a music critic, and who is often in the store, a friend of Lob's, was there shopping, and Corey gave her the flier. She loved the graphic, and was going to check out the website to read Frank's platform. Another guy, Tod, who often chats with Corey when he is in to shop, a 9-11 Truth guy, got one too. The image just made him laugh ... he had heard Corey talk about Frank, but never seen him ... Corey encouraged him to check out the platform, because he and Frank share a lot of the same ideas. He would. He told Corey about a Guns & Butter show that he really liked, and said that we would probably want to play the music from it on LUVeR. It was a guy who does songs in the voices of Bush, Cheney, etc., strikingly exact ... with a version of This Land is Your Land, and a version of Imagine that are funny and very topical as to what is going on now, like social/political commentary.

Back here for lunch, we checked in, and Corey got the lock manufacturer number for Alexi. Corey set up another calzone dough in the bread machine, had lunch, and emailed a bunch of TV stations about the speech. Lasagna was working that day, so on his way back to work he handed everyone a flier for the speech! Lasagna was impressed ... he said, "He just might do it, Linda!" And was talking about how the motorcade would come down Curtis St., all the limos, etc! Corey said, but we'd have to paint them like the LUVeRmobile and CRV!

The afternoon was stocking the order ... Sydney, the ex-buyer from ECNG was in the store to see Phan, and Corey gave her a flier too. She loved the image!

Back here, Corey caught a few snippets of the tail end of the interview while putting the chickens away, and then got the whole rundown from you guys. Just mindblowing! Back here, Alexi was home. He said he had a very successful day, and he wasn't even talking about the job, which was successful too ... but things he couldn't tell Corey about! Corey told him about the interview!! Totally amazing and inspiring. Frank was a master.

We decided to make the calzone tomato sauce that night because we really wouldn't have a chance until Saturday itself, and we definitely wanted it made ahead of time because it got better with age. Alexi set up chickens to cook while Corey went to the store. At BNG, Dana came into shop, and Corey reminded her of the speech. She wanted to come, but didn't know if she would be able to ... her mission was to paint her daughter Angelina's room while she was away with relatives, and would have to see how it was going, but wanted Corey to call her and remind her on Thursday. Corey was telling people about the Independent interview, and they were amazed. Keo said that was it, he was voting for Frank. Could Frank then bring Ch. 28 to Richmond (he wanted to see Dr. Suzy!). Suzanne said Frank was very wise when she heard what he had said about "winning". Dana just loved the way Frank talked with the reporter.


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