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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

One sarcastic comment on indymedia posting

Fantastic! A Pro Business Flat Taxer
by Adam (Trotskyite)
Sunday Aug 19th, 2007 8:37 AM
It's wonderful that we lefties can finally vote for a pro-business candidate who is actually for the flat tax, just like all the Republicans! That makes his economic program to the right of all the dems

Frank's reply:

I’ll do away with welfare and social security. Instead, every American will receive a minimum income of $1,000 a month. This amount will be tied to the cost of living and will not be taxable.

We will have universal prenatal-to-the-grave health care and universal free education with equal access.

I’ll do away with all tax deductions for over $12,000 income. Instead, there will be a flat tax of 10% on annual income of less than one million dollars for an individual and less than five million dollars for a corporation. But the flat tax will jump to 75% on annual income exceeding these limits.

this 3-step tax plan is not a pro-big bisiness tax. i'm sure big business and the multi-millionaires would agree with this statement and will try to block it. it's pro-poor, pro-middle class, pro-small business, pro-small family farms, etc.

From: Karole Skeen
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re: one sarcastic comment on indymedia posting


Consider a sale tax instead of an income tax, with a supplemental income for those who are below the $12K income a year. This way, even those who are engaged in illegal activities and the mega rich foreigners (who, in fact, live here but are never held accountable) will pay their fair share. To prevent people to do all their shopping (huge hatches, planes, and the like) abroad, establish a control for it. For example, planes that are not common carriers and have not been purchased in this country would have to pay a U.S. Landing Fee. It soon would become cheaper for those globe-trotting CEOs to buy their planes here, pay the tax once than paying and re-paying a fee every time they used their planes to go exploit a third world workforce somewhere.

Frank's reply:

A good idea...although with my tax policies, my policies on corporations and on patents/copyrights, etc., the rich will have a lot less to global-trot with!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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