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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Last Night's speech

"The whole experience at the Claremont, both before, during and after Frank's speech, was really fun and amazing. The residents bantering before Frank went on, and folks coming up to talk to Frank were unforgettable, and we just had huge smiles on our faces the whole time, if not outright laughing at the kinds of things that were being said, especially between Margaret and Anne. What a ham!

It was an altered reality ... it is really hard to describe how Frank giving a speech there at the Claremont to a mix of residents, Koala, Sean, etc., Lasagna and a group of young guys in the front row while young black women attendants peeked in, obviously loving it ... how it all seemed to twist reality into a new shape on some real level ... and it was brought out more explicitly later in Frank's conversation with Sydney and the giddy enjoyment of Margaret ... and Lasagna's huge smile as he left, and the volunteer Lauren's reaction .... Frank was a master the way he brought everything into a context, and related everything ... There were a number of residents that didn't quite get it, but you could really feel why Frank said this was his best "performance" ... On the way home, we were saying that it would be neat to see Frank deliver the same speech to a very different audience ... Corey said he bet it would be the same if it were a group of young people. There was nothing special about these being "old" people. There would be a certain percentage who just didn't get Frank ... the screen ... but another that could feel what Frank was doing on a very deep level. It felt like Frank's conversation with Sydney about "wasted votes" changed reality just for its having happened. She was really neat. "


OK...the residents are in their 70s-90s. Erika said Margaret is usually a "mover" who never stays in one place for more than 5 minutes without walking away. So her staying for 90 minutes, engaged and turned on, was a big deal. Sydney has been carrying my platform around with her for weeks. The black women gave me the "power to the people" fist at one point in the speech. Our son koala's friends seemed inspired.

But Lasagna was the real story. He is a rich, powerful guy who owns half of our neighborhood, with whom we have fought heated battles over property, etc. for years...I have chewed a few new assholes on him. Ultimately we won...but in a way that he got something better than he was going for. So now he's jamming in my band and is coming to my speeches and gets transformed! I'll do the same thing with Iran, etc.!


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