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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Our plate is over-flowing here!

We are in the middle of another multi-Shaman's Den week...4 shows in 7 days. Last night Carl Bryant, a labor activist, grilled me for over 2 hours on my platform...kicked the tires, looked under the hood, etc. to make sure everything works. in the end, he said he would gladly take a bullet for me. Top that for an endorsement!

And if that wasn't enough, last week at the retirement community Erika produced 5 major parties in 5 days. It was a world cruise of pleasure, with stops in Greece, Egypt, the Ivory Coast, Japan, and Brazil...with food, drinks, sexy costumes, musicians/singers, extremely sexy sexy dancers of the country of the night! This is just a hint of what I have in mind for the U.S.!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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