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Tuesday, August 28, 2007 vote at a time!

da boyz were eating out the other night...


"As the place started to clear out, a full figured black woman, named Kelly, came by our table a few times looking for a table ... she was obviously impressed with our spread! She ended up sitting a few tables away from us, and she and Corey kept making eye contact ... she had a very happy air to her. At some point, she just called over and asked if we ate beef? Yep! She came over with a big wine glass full of beef jerky that she said we just had to try! She made us take several pieces. It was incredible, and not on the menu ... she knew about it because she had been coming there for a long time. She was waiting for a guy to show up, who she was on the cellphone with now and again. Later we heard that he told he he was just coming down Golf Links Blvd. ... the restaurant was near closing! She asked us at one point, "Why do people lie?" She admitted she lied once in a while, but her guy had lied to her that night ... he said he was one place, but then he was somewhere else entirely, and now might miss their dinner date! She said she was ordering anyway, and might just pack it up and take it home with her! We ended up talking more with her as we all ate, and found out that she works as an office manager for the Port of Oakland doing a big project at the Oakland Airport, but grew up in Albany, at the University Village. We told her about ourselves and about Frank, and gave her a platform ... and she was talking about how she only started getting political more recently, she was 41 now and she wanted to be able to tell her nieces and nephews what was what ... she wanted to find out more about what people stood for and make a good choice .... hell, she might end up voting for Frank! She said that her dad had voted for Bush, and she was so disappointed ... he did not understand that Bush was not on his side, a black man! Not even close! We were just starting to tell her more about Frank when her dude showed up, his tail not enough between his legs! But Corey heard that she gave it to him!

Later, we heard her telling him about Frank, and showing him the platform, and they started reading it together while they ate. At some point, she called over and said that she really liked the free 24/7 mass transit! That was a great idea! She said she thought it would make transportation more reliable too, there wouldn't be people sitting out there waiting for hours for buses, etc. Sometimes, even though she knew this was maybe not the safest thing in the world, she would actually give people rides that she saw sitting out there waiting for a bus. It just made her feel bad to see them out there so long ... We heard them reading over the patents and copyrights part too, and talking about how that would affect things for the better ...

One of the waitresses, who packed up our leftovers was flying around the restaurant all night, and said we were giving off a super Berkeley vibe that she really liked. She was a transplant from NYC. She said she was happy because she just got an apartment today, that she really wanted, after living with room-mates off of Craig's list which did not work out so well.

Then we got dessert! Corey got the Rocky Road Sundae. which was incredible with deep chocolate, and a cappucino. Alexi had the Irish Float and the mint ice cream sandwich. YUM! We were glad for the walk home, to help us work off the meal. We kept feeling more and more full long after we finished eating. We said good night to Kelly, and she said myabe she'd see us at a Frank Moore campaign, or when she came to check out BNG."

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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