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Monday, September 24, 2007

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In Freedom,
Frank Moore

To: Frank Moore
From: Michael LaBash
Subject: An Article From

Mikee thought you might be interested in this page on, AARP's web site:

----------- Message from Mikee ------------

reminds me of your "village" idea in your platform....

"In fact, if Portland has a calling card, says the Portland Housing Authority's Steve Rudmond, it's a community-wide commitment to alternative means of transportation. "The blocks are smaller, which adds to the European feel and makes walking places easier. And we've got good buses and a light-rail system. It does provide a competitive advantage."

Howard sums it up in a single word: renaissance. "Portland is one of a few cities that's really rethinking the way the world works, creating great architecture, and planning for the future," he says. "Hopefully, long living comes out of that."


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