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Monday, September 24, 2007

Our campaign is already forcing changes!


"Jamie came home and Alexi gave him a platform brochure at some point. He started reading it, and said, "Tell Frank that with his platform, he's a slam dunk!"

"Back here, there were 3 emails from a woman with the Secretary of State's Elections office in Wyoming. Corey had been corresponding with her about what a write-in Presidential candidate in the 2008 General needs to do to have his/her votes counted. Her emails were in response to several questions from Corey, but they still didn't get to the actual process ... there was still a form missing ... so Corey just gave her a call, and she was the one who answered! As they talked more, she began to realize that what she thought Corey had been asking about was not really it, and that she actually did not know what the procedure was for a candidate outside of the major parties, without the money it would take to get signatures in the state of Wyoming to get on the ballot ... to simply be a write-in candidate and have his votes counted. She said, "What does this say about our country, and this democracy" that she didn't know how this can work in Wyoming, that they were not set up for a candidate outside of the political machines ... she should be the person to know, if anyone knew. She said, "But I am going to find out! And I'm going to call you!" "

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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