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Saturday, September 08, 2007

From: Sara Robertson
To: Frank Moore

Hey Bonobos!

You've been selected to help us beta test the new

Within 24 hours the website will be available to you to log in, register, and start posting blog entries, uploading profile pictures, and leaving comments for other bonobos.

Please help us get this community started! Log on and start generating content, and send me any feedback you've got about usability issues, registration confusions, or ideas you've got for helping the website grow and evolve into the amazing community we all know it can be.

I am the developer & administrator for this site, so any feedback you send me will be thoroughly considered. Your involvement with this website will help seed the community and get it to the point it needs to be!

I will be updating the primary logo with a "beta" graphic to let users know this is a work in progress, but any feedback you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much for your time and your effort!

Much Love,

From: Frank Moore
To: Sara Robertson
Subject: Re:

well, the bonobo way is basically why i'm running for get that social order for us! moreover, if the bonobos fade out, if the rainforests are leveled, we will exit soon after.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Dr. Susan Block
To: Frank Moore
Subject: Re:

Well said, Frank. And frankly, said well. So can we get the Bonobo Way
into our platform? You are the Bonobo Candidate.

peace through pleasure

From: Frank Moore
To: Dr. Susan Block
Subject: Re:

we just did!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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