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Monday, September 24, 2007

On the SEXY campaign trail!


"At the bank, the guy at the tellers window as we wrote up our banking was Richard Schwartz, a local builder and local historian/author who wrote "Berkeley 1900", and of the crews Bob had come into BNG to fix the back warehouse floor. Corey recognized him. He was giving the tellers these new buttons he had made to publicize his new book, Eccentrics, Heroes, and Cutthroats of Old Berkeley, and he gave us one, "I'm A Berkeley Hero". Corey showed him his buttons, "Moore/Block" and the first FM for Prez button, both of which he was wearing, and Richard was curious. Corey told him that it was Frank Moore, and described him ... "Oh, the guy who is on TV?" Yeah! He gave a knowing look ... he had obviously seen his share of BTV late night, because he also knew who Dr. Suzy was, and he smiled, chuckled ... Corey gave him Frank's platform, and he read the first few lines. He looked up and said, "Thanks! This is gonna be interesting!"

Then we were up at Zazu's window. We had given her a platform a while back, but she said apologetically that she hadn't read it, but had just come across it again the other day ... we showed her the new Moore/Block button ... "Who is that?" Dr. Susan Block, do you know who that is? She turned red and looked down and started miscounting our money ... yes, she knew ... she and her boyfriend watch her show all the time ... For the rest of our transaction, she was like that, miscounted another time! She never miscounts ever. And then she gave us cookies before we headed out! We gave her a Moore/Block button, and she said she was definitely going to tell her boyfriend about this. "

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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