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Monday, September 24, 2007

Moore/Block buttons

Great! We'll get you more. those buttons are turning out to be our major campaign expense. PEOPLE, BUY THE CAMPAIGN SWAG AT! suzy, are you coming to friday's l.a. show? if you are, we can give you the buttons then.

We have a couple in their 80s down the street who have become family over the years. Betty is a church lady...but is very open. She keeps giving Linda and Erika her pearls and jewelry for their performance costume. We always give them videos of our performances to watch. Betty gets tickled seeing her pearls on the nude girls! Betty and Joe just watched the 2+-hour video...watched it twice!...of the labor activist grilling me on the platform. she called us and said "Frank could win! It's about time for a decent president!"

People are hungry!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

From: Dr Susan Block Institute
To: 'Linda Mac'
Cc: 'Frank Moore' ; 'Michael LaBash'
Subject: RE: Bonobo Way 1 & 2

Hey Linda, Mikey and Frank,

The Moore/Block buttons are fantastic! Nice design! We got them yesterday, and I’ve already given away most of them (only one per person), and people are wearing them!

xo Suzy


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