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Sunday, October 21, 2007

On the campaign trail!


"Back at the BH, he did the recycling there too, and as he was putting it out, the guy who had written a big note on cardboard to Frank "from his street chums" about needing more recycling came by just at the same time as another guy who had stopped to look at the free stuff was going through the stuff there. "Al" asked as he walked up, "How is the President doing?!" Corey said, "Great! He was just in the Chronicle on Sunday, in an article about people who use their homes to make political statements." "That's great!" The other guy asked, "What party is he with?" Corey told him that it was the Just Makes Sense Party! And he gave the guy a platform, and "Al" wanted one too. The other guy said something about if Ron Paul doesn't get the republican nomination, maybe he would join that party too ... and he drove off. "Al" said, looking up at the banner, "You can't beat that smile!" He said to tell Frank: "Moore Frank Moores!" And he headed out to pick up more recycling, but returned a few minutes later to say, "No, tell Frank: "Frankly, Moore Frank Moores!!"


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