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Friday, May 16, 2008

European Media Covers Write-in Presidential Candidate

thanks, richard, for this great piece on your also thank you for your life work of opening up our elections!

European Media Covers Write-in Presidential Candidate
April 18th, 2008

Major newspapers, magazines, and television stations in Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, France, and Poland, have recently run feature stories about Frank Moore and his campaign for president of the U.S. Moore is an independent candidate who lives in Berkeley, California, and who is attempting to file as a declared write-in presidential candidate in the 35 states that will count write-ins for candidates who file a declaration of write-in candidacy.

Other presidential candidates have filed for write-in status in multiple states in recent past elections, and they have typically not received publicity. Moore is different, because he (1) is already somewhat well-known as a poet, painter and performance artist; and (2) has had cerebral palsy his entire life, so severe that he cannot talk or walk. He communicates by using a laser fastened to a device that he wears on his head. He aims the laser at a chart that shows all the letters of the alphabet, plus the most commonly spoken English words. His wife then verbalizes his message, for the benefit of any audience or any individual who is having a conversation with Moore. See this article.

Moore's presidential campaign is not just to garner publicity for himself; he has a well-developed policy platform.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Richard C Mongler wrote:
Heh, that's not me... Although it should be. I was just thinking of setting up a website similar to that recently, except it would be sort of like a blog focusing on "obscure politics" Although that site is good too. Although...

Your platform is good, it makes sense... However, it is kind of "radical" do you think congress would agree with if you won the election?

Frank Moore wrote:
In reality, as president, I will be able to do a lot to start the process of change. And I will! I get results! I deliver! But realistically, I will be working with a Congress full of people heavily invested in the old power system. I will need you! Writing me in on election day will be just the first step. I will need you to get involved in your local community. I will probably need you to put pressure on Congress—and on the press—to enact our dreams. It may take you coming to Washington DC a few times as you did for civil rights and to stop the Vietnam War. But together we will get this done! If it takes me throwing a giant party on The Mall every three months, then that’s what I’ll do!


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