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Thursday, May 01, 2008


Hi Richard (Winger,

i'm thinking of asking the a.c.l.u. to help me sue penn. over this. what do you think? there are states which outright don't allow write-in candidates. i don't think i could take them on because it would get into state rights. the rules in other states are vastly easier for the mainstream candidates to put it mildly! but at least they are the same rules for all the candidates. not so in penn. if they apply the below rule to the major candidates, having an election would not be possible! rules should be for all the candidates. do you think the a.c.l.u. would accept the case?

Has Nader or anybody else taken this to court?

As you know.. In Pennsylvania, there is no procedure that the write-in candidate has to go through ahead of the election, except that the candidate must get 21 PA citizens to be electors, and then educate the Pennsylvania voters as to who these people are! Because any voter who wishes to vote for a write-in candidate for President in PA has to write-in the names of his/her 21 electors (not the candidate's name) and spell them all correctly! The ballot actually has 21 spaces for this purpose. In Freedom, Frank Moore

Richard Winger wrote:
Pennsylvania counted write-ins for Ralph Nader in both November 1996 and November 2004, even though his voters didn't write in a full slate of presidential electors, or even any candidates for presidential electors.

So they are not telling you the truth. Or if they are forcing your voters to do this, but they didn't force Nader voters to do that, they are acting in an unlawful manner.

Several minor parties are about to sue Pennsylvania over 3 election law issues, and one of those issues is that some counties routinely don't count any write-ins at all. That includes Philadelphia County. I hope the case gets filed in 6 days. The attorney has been saying for 2 months now that he is about to file it. He is Sam Stretton.

Frank Moore wrote:
that's really interesting, richard! we have a lot to talk about on the show

corey, ask penn. if voters of ALL candidates have to write in the names of
the electors.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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