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Monday, May 26, 2008

in-depth special on the health crisis

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Friday night I did an in-depth special with dr. richard kerbavaz, my long-time ear doctor and one of my electors, on the health care crisis. We went in detail into what is wrong with the present system [you don’t know the half of it!], what would work, my plan and policies, and the non-plans of the other candidates. Be warned. It is a bit disturbing and contains information that is usually hidden. But it is also hopeful because we clearly laid out how to fix the problems. We’ll quickly put the show up on-line. These in-depth specials exploring/exposing the issues are one of the hallmarks of my campaign.

you just wanted to replace the b.s. that plays nonstop on the major media outlets with this conversation between Kerbavaz and Frank. It was so amazingly clear, simple and straightforward, and inspiring in the sense of what could be. Saddening too in the sense of what is the dominant health care reality now when things could be and have in the past been so different. It was really neat to hear the comparisons of the major candidate's health care plans after Frank and Kerbavaz talked at length about what Frank would do, and what was possible ... Then when you heard what the other candidate's proposed, it all immediately fell flat because we had already heard the way that Frank and Dr. K were talking ... It was scary to think of needing major medical care or having to go to the hospital in the current framework! We really loved hearing Frank and Dr. K talk about what could be ... local community healthcare, the Rockridge model, rating doctors, doctors on salaries, the way that Frank's other platforms about patents and royalties would have a profound effect on removing greed from the health care system, and what that would do ...

Kerbavaz arrived and we showed him the garden and soon the show started, wow! So much packed into the show, so many important things about the state of the health care system from a man from the inside and what Frank would deliver in his campaign, taking care of the people!! Some of it was hard to hear, about your general practitioner not being involved in hospital patient care, how its all about profits and much more but such a good show, very powerful and Kerbavaz open and willing to talk about it all came with his comparison sheet about the different candidates and their stand on health care which was alarming and Frank responded with what he stands for!


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