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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

anti-war music video

Hello Frank,

I've just finished a political song and video that definitely won't be favored by the bush administration. The video features thousands of protesters in various demonstrations of the last 5 years. The message is powerful, presented in good taste and the response, what little I have received, has been all positive.

Bob Kincaid of just added my video to that site. This impressed me because Mr. Kincaid is a very busy man, hosting a national broadcast every monday thru friday and yet still finding the energy to view some guy's video.

I realize that in the flood of new audio and video productions being released every minute of every day, finding the good stuff is difficult. This is the good stuff. Give it a try, share it with your friends and if time permits, send me an email.

Video url:

Also I have a political links page that I just started.
If your interested in exchanging links, let me know.

Vote responsibly, not traditionally...
Benny Skyn

Frank Moore wrote:
mmmm....there is a lot! great song/video! we'll put the youtube link of it on my site...yes, i'm running for president. but if you send it on a dvd to

Frank Moore
P.O. Box 11445
Berkeley, CA 94712

i'll play it both on my web station and on my cable public access show. also send your cds. we'll play them on luver.

do you know kenyata? he puts on the wefest in wilmington. i see you are in n.c. he is also getting me 500 signatures there so i will be a qualified write-in candidate in n.c.


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