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Friday, May 30, 2008

possible presidential elector from Massachusetts

Dear Mr. Moore,
I am a resident of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Is there anything you need for me to do as an elector? I am very willing to help you out on your campaign. The best of luck to you.

Zach Cone

Frank Moore wrote:
first, is a dryly drolly funny can quote me! second, i value your vote! third, i am taking you up on your offer. right now we are trying to get qualified as a write-in candidate in as many as possible of the states that allow write-ins [quite a few shockingly don't allow it] so that votes for me will be counted. will you be one of my electors in mass.? and could you get 11 others to be my electors in mass.? electors are free to vote for anybody (even for moi!) in the general election. but if i won in mass. in the general election, my electors would cast their vote for me in the electoral college.

while we only need 12 Presidential Electors in order to qualify, mass. makes us jump through many strange hoops, making it virtually impossible for me to qualify without the help of somebody in the state.
There are two forms that the Presidential electors will need to fill out:

1) A Write-In Presidential Certificate containing 12 spaces for the names, addresses, and signatures of the 12 electors. So each of the electors must put their name, address and signature on this form. (We can provide this form)

2) 12 Elector Registration Certificates: one of these forms must be physically taken in by each elector to their local voter registrar's office, and must be signed or stamped by the voter registrar certifying that the elector is a registered voter. We can provide these forms. but you may have to have a GOING TO THE VOTER REGISTRAR'S OFFICE PARTY to insure that happens!

Then the 12 Elector Registration Certificates and the 1 Write-In Presidential Certificate with the 12 Electors' info on it should be sent back for us to complete and turn in! Due Date: Friday, September 5. they make it hard on purpose. the mainstream candidates don't have to jump through these hoops!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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