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Sunday, July 06, 2008


please pass the below to everyone, post it everywhere! we are entering the crunch time in our campaign! in california, we need 55 electors. to date we have 23. in ohio, we need 20, we have 4. and so on! florida has the earliest deadline of the end of august! there we have 0 of 27! WE NEED YOU!


Frank Moore has been running for President of the United States since the early summer of 2006. Please see his website at: With his running mate, Vice-Presidential candidate Susan Block, he is attempting to certify as an official write-in Presidential candidate in the general election in November 2008 in as many states as possible. Frank has received a startling amount of press for a "third-party" candidate for president. Even mainstream European media has covered his campaign!

Please see for more about media coverage of the campaign both in Europe and the United States.

Frank Moore is the contact for his campaign:

Moore, a world-renowned performance artist based in Berkeley, California, has put forth a comprehensive platform rivaling the major party candidates under the title, “The Just Makes Sense Party”. You can read his platform at .

Moore’s grassroots campaign proposes radical changes to the current system of politics and government in the U.S., bringing in what he calls a "web work of caring.” He writes that “it is all about caring and choice,” and says that he will work for, among many other ideas, a guaranteed minimum income (GMI) for every U.S. citizen of $1,000 per month, tied to the cost of living and not taxable. He also proposes universal free pre-natal-to-the-grave health care. You can see a comparison of Frank Moore's health care plan with that of John McCain, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton at .

Moore needs presidential electors pledged to him in many states to qualify to receive write-in votes in the November Presidential Election. For instance, in California, he will need 55 people to serve as electors -- otherwise, any write-in votes for Frank in the November election in California will not be counted. Frank needs electors in ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, CONNECTICUT, D.C., FLORIDA, KENTUCKY, MAINE, MASSACHUSETTS, MICHIGAN, MINNESOTA, MISSOURI, NORTH CAROLINA, NORTH DAKOTA, OHIO, and TEXAS. If you live in one of these states and are willing to be an elector, email Frank at

The Moore/Block campaign is calling for supporters nationwide to participate in this inspiring grassroots Presidential campaign by becoming his electors, or simply spreading the news of the campaign. As electors pledged to Frank Moore, they would place their "electoral vote" in the Electoral College for Moore if he wins the popular vote in their state. Being an elector for Frank Moore does not mean that they must vote for Frank in the November Presidential election ... however, Moore said that he welcomes everyone’s write-in vote in November!

Links to check out: -- Main Presidential website -- Frank Moore for President 2008 Blog -- Events -- News -- Platform Videos -- Frank Moore's Resume -- Frank Moore's Wikipedia entry

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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