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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

speak for us in southern ohio we need you

From: c s
To: Frank Moore
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2008 5:40 AM
Subject: speak for us in southern ohio we need you

Dear mr. moore i have campaigned for you intensly here in southern ohio and you have a growing popularity in southern ohio. we need you to come to our town hall meeting on july 7 or aug 4th let us know what needs done to get you here but you can make a change and we believe your philosophies it is your time please respond back.

Frank Moore wrote:
this warms me! thanks for working for the vision for a more humane society. what are the reactions you are getting from people when you campaign for me?

btw, to qualify to be a write-in candidate in ohio, i need 20 people there willing to be my electors. i was wondering if you would be my elector and/or know others who would. if you will be my elector, i just need your name, "voting residence address", city, zip code and county.

now i am running this campaign with extremely little money...which means we do not have any money for travel. but i would love to take part in your town hall meeting virtually. this week i guest lectured in a college class in australia this way! we would be here webcasting in live streaming video via our web station to your event so that you there can see/hear us. we can hear you via phone. if that sounds good to you, we can work out the details. one advantage to this is anyone in the world could listen to the town meeting via

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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