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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

NY elector

Frank Marcopolos wrote:
Hi Frank, Wred Fright in OH referred me to you. I am willing to be an elector for you in New York.


Frank Marcopolos
Brooklyn, NY

Frank Moore wrote:
great, frank! i'll put you on the n.y. elector list. actually n.y. is one of the easiest states to qualify in as a write-in candidate. to qualify, i just needed one elector. the rest of the n.y. electors come into action when/if i win n.y.

i need electors still in az., calif., conn., d.c., florida, ky., maine, mass., mich., missouri, n.c., texas, no.dakota, and some more in ohio. please tell people in those states!

and please pass out my platform to people!

now on a different subject...i run a web station it is almost 10 years old [before that i published the zine the cherotic [r]evolutionary]. if you send us cds, tapes, dvds, videos, mp3s of your music, poetry, whatever, we'll play it on luver.

Frank Moore
P.O. Box 11445
Berkeley, CA 94712

and fright, i want you on my live luver show on your next west coast tour!


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