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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

howdy y'all......

Jerome (Mutant Press) wrote:
hi frank

nice to hear from you....wouldn't that do kind of a ralph nader thing to obama??

we will sign your paper...but only because...we love you..

best wishes always

jerome & co.

Frank Moore wrote:
great, jerome! love is a good reason to do it! it will give Texans the opportunity [i think it's our right] to have their vote for me counted. i am flattered that you think i will get enough votes to effect the election under the nader theory [if we accept that theory]. i would have to get thousands of votes to have that effect. i was thinking i'd get a few hundred. but you might be right! but each vote for me brings the world we want closer to reality. again my electors can vote for anybody in the general election. if another candidate has a better platform than mine, vote for him/her...i would!

now down to business! can you get other electors? We need 34 electors in Texas to fill out elector forms, which are available online at The forms do not need to be notarized, and are straightforward, but they do ask for the applicant's "VOTER REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE NUMBER". Every registered voter in Texas is supposed to receive a "voter registration certificate" when they register to vote, which they are supposed to bring with them to the polls (this is what the texas secretary of state website says!). The number is on that certificate.

The forms can either be printed out and filled out by hand, or you can actually fill them out online, and then print the completed form. Then all you need to do is sign it! and then mail them to me.
Frank Moore
P.O. Box 11445
Berkeley, CA 94712

In Freedom,
Frank Moore


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