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Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Richard C Mongler wrote:
I got fired from my old job and a bunch of bills started catching up, so I had to sacrifice internet, phone and power to buy food and afford electricity... But I'm back now, so, did I miss anything? Any updates with your campaign?

Frank Moore wrote:
bet my $1,000 a month guaranteed minimum income sounds pretty good right now, eh?

a lot has happened! see my blog for updates.

Richard C Mongler wrote:
Yeah it does sound pretty good... Wow, looks like your campaign is doing pretty well right now.

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, and we have a shit load of campaign events all month! hope we survive!

Richard C Mongler wrote:
Haha, good luck... I've actually noticed that indie candidates are getting more and more coverage and more and more people are voting for them... Look at Ralph Nader, that man was covered more then some first party candidates at first. It's a sign of change...

Frank Moore wrote:


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