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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ron Paul

ron paul is a man of principles. i think i share about half of his views...such as cutting the military, closing most if not all of our foreign bases, reducing our national debt, preserving our personal freedoms and rights. i disagree with the other half such as abortion, privatization of governmental services, and most of his domestic stands. but he is honest and direct, a real maverick. it was disgusting how the mainstream media [and the parties] treated/portrayed him and the rest of "not-top-two"' candidates!

one of the things we have done during our campaign is set up a page,, where we have compiled the U.S. Presidential Write-in Candidate Requirements for each State. [when i say "we," i mean my guy corey with the kind help of richard winger, the nation's foremost expert on ballot access.]

unfortunately oklahoma is one of the states that absolutely doesn't allow write-ins...thereby really disenfranchising their voters.

Realistically/practically a write-in candidate can not "win" the presidency because the odds are stacked against such an independent candidate in various ways. The lack of money is the least of it. Almost half of the states either outright do not allow their people to write somebody in or make it virtually impossible for somebody to become an officially sanctioned write-in candidate. You can't "win" when half of the states are off limits to you no matter how much money you have. Add to this the freezing out of both independent and third-party candidates by the mainstream (and most of the "alternative") media coverage and so on, it becomes obvious "winning" is not a sane goal for someone in my position to have. This is only one example of freezing out! Here is another example. There is a dj on a college radio station who wants to interview me on his show. But he has to wait until he gets clearance that my appearance won't violate the "fairness" law.meantime, the two mainstream candidates are on everywhere all the time! This freezing out is really the artificially freezing of the evolution of our political system, freezing into power the current two major parties. The two parties have carved up the country between themselves much like Coke and Pepsi!

Historically independent and third-party candidates have induced new possibilities, expanded our freedoms, and introduced fresh concepts into the society, which the mainstream then absorbs. The process is very similar to that of the artist in society. I have operated within the process of an artist in society focused on inducing change in society for 40 years. So I'm use to, and comfortable in, the process, operating with little/no money, getting the message [the dream/vision] out despite the blocks, getting things done in new ways, etc. The European mainstream press has given our campaign serious respectful coverage. It now looks like we will qualify in most states where that is a possibility. That is amazing for a campaign that has no money or an army of operatives! But the real fuel for me is seeing people fill up with hope when they read my platform.

You should be free to write-in Ron Paul, me, or whomever you wish. But not in Oklahoma! They would throw your ballot away! I would still write in because I believe the more votes [even uncounted votes] a dream gets the closer the dream is to becoming reality. I understand that a lot of people don't grasp this concept!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Tanner Jean wrote:
Thanks again for the reply. It really disappoints me that I can't write-in in Oklahoma and have my ballott counted. While I also see that winning is a far shot, due to many factors, I agree with you that running gives a chance to spread a message.

The media is a hard thing to defeat; owned by the big corporations, it seems as if they just tell people who to vote for, which is sickening. I thank you very much for giving many people hope, and the idea that there are still people willing to run on concepts of liberty and change.

I wish you luck on your campaign, and I will heavily consider writing in, so that at least the "system" knows that we want to have a voice. I even emailed my state House represenative, and I hope to talk to him about it.

Thank you,

Frank Moore wrote:
yep, tanner...that's how things really get changed. if my campaign fuels
you, it is worth it! you fuel me!

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

----- Original Message -----
From: "Tanner Jean"
To: "Frank Moore"
Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 4:36 PM
Subject: Re: Prez

> Frank, thank you for the quick reply. I'm glad you see that there has to
> be a motivation for Congress to get moving, and that you helped me
> realize that it is possible to make Congress see its short-comings and
> misperceptions. The dream of power returning to the people, away from
> big corporations, is one you and I both share, along with a smaller and
> more responsibly used military and more conservative spending. While I
> am still looking into all the candidates, I must say that writing you in
> is a very viable option.
> Also, I am from Oklahoma. This will be my first time voting, and I hope
> the Oklahoma ballott allows write-ins. I have heard the write-ins are
> not counted, which really disappoints me, the political system is so far
> away from what the Founding Fathers intented.
> If you are not too buy to answer, would you mind sharing with me your
> viewpoint on former candidate Congressman Ron Paul?
> Frank Moore wrote:
>> Good questions, Tanner. When I say in my platform that I will do this
>> and that, I'm outlining our goals and our dreams. I know it will be a
>> struggle, that we'll need to "convince" the Congress. When I was
>> growing up, I struggled to get educated, struggled against
>> discrimination and prejudices. I really enjoy the righteous struggle.
>> This enjoyment of struggle gives me an advantage when struggle is
>> needed. When Senator Jesse Helms tried to blacklist me, when the
>> Berkeley City Council tried to ban my public access cable show. there
>> have been so many struggles! My enjoying righteous struggle has been a
>> winning element. I also enjoy when struggle is successful. I'm looking
>> forward to the huge struggle of taking away controlling power from the
>> big corporations, of reclaiming the rights and freedoms that have been
>> stolen from the people of this country, of creating a new post-oil
>> social order in which we will eliminate fear of getting sick, of
>> getting old, of the future, of the Other.
>> In reality, as president, I will be able to do a lot to start the
>> process of change. And I will! I get results! I deliver! But
>> realistically, I will be working with a Congress full of people
>> heavily invested in the old power system.people in both of the parties
>> who are still operating in the old limiting boxes. However the fact
>> that I had gotten into The White House would mean the people are tired
>> of wasting money on a bloated, wasteful military designed for an era
>> that has long passed, a military that is used primarily to promote the
>> corporate interest, rather than the real national interest. I will
>> work directly with the people to "convince" Congress to invest the
>> money into rebuilding our society rather than in insanity.
>> I will need you! Writing me in on election day will be just the first
>> step. I will need you to get involved in your local community. I will
>> probably need you to put pressure on Congress-and on the press-to
>> enact our dreams. It may take you coming to Washington DC a few times
>> as you did for civil rights and to stop the Vietnam War. But together
>> we will get this done! If it takes me throwing a giant party on The
>> Mall every three months, then that's what I'll do!
>> It will be an exciting, fun four years! Just imagine a world in which
>> somebody like you or me could really become president. Now keep
>> imagining it and we just may win! Do not throw your vote away on a
>> candidate who does not share your dreams, who is not committed to
>> bring your dreams into reality! Go for it! It is the only practical
>> thing to do because if we don't go for it, we will never get what we
>> need, what we want, what we are dreaming. Hey, it just makes sense.
>> right? So write Frank Moore in on election day!
>> By the way, which state do you live in?
>> In Freedom,
>> Frank Moore
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Tanner Jean"
>> To:
>> Sent: Sunday, July 20, 2008 12:21 AM
>> Subject: Prez
>>> Frank,
>>> I appreciate what you're doing by running for president in these
>>> tough times by keeping the Constitution alive, and fighting against
>>> the two party system. But I do want to know, why do you promise to do
>>> such things on your platform when they are the duty of Congress? I am
>>> sure you've realized this problem, so I also want to know, what would
>>> you do in order to get Congress to act? Congress has been in a
>>> stalemate riding on party lines, so this concerns me.
>>> Best of luck to you! I am still very unsure on who to vote for. I was
>>> planning on voting for Ron Paul, but he has dropped out.
>>> Tanner


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