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Thursday, October 09, 2008

hey, richard

will you send me a copy of your piece when it comes out?


Would you be a guest on my 2+-hour show? You would be my sole guest for the whole program. We do it as a live streaming video show every Sunday at 8pm on our web station We do it from our north Berkeley home. Then we will play it on b-tv, Berkeley’s cable access channel, and archive it on our site. We archive the shows at I’ll interview you. Our first opening is nov. 9.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Richard Wall wrote:
Hi Frank,
You will be a lot closer to the Sacramento News & Review than I am: I'm a freelance writer living in St. Augustine, Florida. However, I will email you when the article comes out, and you can pull a copy off their website, or call/email them and see if they will send you a copy. I'm not sure when it will run, but I will let you know when it does.

And being in Florida, getting to Berkley for your show would be difficult, though I am honored that you invited me. So I will have to pass, even though I would love to go to the Bay Area just about anytime. I lived in Pacifica in 2001 and loved the area. Again, thanks so much for the invitation, but I won't be able to make it out to the West coast for a while. I don't think I have 2 hours worth of coherent conversation in me anyway, though I do like to talk politics.


PS I get Google News Alerts about "independent preisdential candidates" and got a link to a website including my interview questions, your responses, and my return message. Thanks for my moment of internet fame.

Frank Moore wrote:
florida, eh?! why didn't we meet a month or 2 ago?! florida was one of the states i couldn't get qualified in because i didn't know any one there to work with.

Richard Wall wrote:
I would have helped you, but I think you would have needed 104,000 signatures.

By the way, am I understanding it correctly that you had to get 158,372 registered voters to sign a petition to get you on the California ballot as a write-in?

Also, I put a mention of your candidacy in a column I have been writing that will come out in next week's issues of the San Antonio Current ( North Coast Journal in Arcata, CA ( and Flagpole in Athens, GA (

Richard in Peace

Frank Moore wrote:
you are confusing the requirements for actually being on the ballot with the requirements for being a write-in candidate. when we started doing the research two years ago, it quickly became clear that it was impossible for somebody like me to get on the ballot. but the write-in process was more doable. btw, we created a page where we have compiled the write-in requirements of each state.


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