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Saturday, October 11, 2008

VOX closes.. all shows canceled.

Lob wrote:
sadly i have to let you know that we have to cancel the show in November that was scheduled to happen at VOX GALLERY. Yesterday, VOX art group was given notice from the owner of the building that they need to vacate by Oct 25th. I have had to cancel your show and a couple of other ones that i had booked.. as no other really suitable venue is available for the what we really would like to have happen . This came as a complete surprise to me and the rest of the people involved with the VOX art group, we previously were planning to be out by the end of the year.. and we all knew and planned for that deadline approaching.. and now we have to adjust and deal with closing early and moving .. i have a studio in that building and store alot of my sound equipment there.. so now i have to find a new place for storage and lose a practice / recording room. and have to contact people from far away who have already made travel plans to let them know that everything is canceled.

this sucks.. im sorry.. you know how i hate doing this ..

Lob -/\-

Frank Moore wrote:
BUMMER, lob! after that newspaper story just came out promoting the show! larry and steve, could we do it at the horsecow?

Larry Rodriguez wrote:
Sorry Frank,
we just recently moved a show from the Horsecow to the Vox because of problems we've been having w/ the law and an irate landlord, so this is disappointing news.

Hopefully we can all spring back from these troubles.

Frank Moore wrote:
ah, it is an illness that is going around everywhere!

Larry Rodriguez wrote:
We could probably still do a victory party, just no loud performances. Could blast some jams at a decent volume though.

Frank Moore wrote:
sounds great, larry! we don't fire off cannons or other explosions! would art lessing & the flower vato also play along with instagon and the cherotic all-stars? can we set up the date?

did you see the great piece about our campaign in sacramento news and review?

Larry Roidriguez wrote:
That's the whole bummer of it, is that we can't have live bands playing. But I guess it wouldn't be a Frank Moore victory party without the performance. So we better not. Oh yeah, congrats on the SNR article, I just recently saw it.

Frank Moore wrote:
darn! yes, if we make the effort to get ourselves up there, live performing would be our fuel...especially for this gig. oh, well, we will have a potluck bar-b-q party here on election night!

sometime i would like to do a long ritual performance there without a band.


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