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Friday, October 10, 2008


Hi Frank,

I'm a big fan of yours, and am seriously considering writing you in. I will be voting in Tennessee. If you need an elector there, I'd be glad to sign up. Let me know how I can help.

Alex Shoaf

Frank Moore wrote:
hey, alex! if you had written about 4 weeks ago, we could have worked
together to get the 11 needed people for electors in tenn. but unfortunately
the deadline has passed. but please pass out copies of my platform to get
the ideas out.

btw, why are you my fan?

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Alex Shoaf wrote:
That's too bad! I wish I could have helped you out. I'm a fan just because I appreciate the fact that you truly believe in everything you say. Your campaign is all for the right reasons. I'm one of those people who is is sick of the 2-party system (or any parties at all), sick of populist politics, and hoping for a more free and just America.

Keep up the good work.

Alex Shoaf

Frank Moore wrote:
i try to put things out as directly as possible. the campaign is a tool to bring our visions into reality.


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