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Thursday, October 09, 2008

on the campaign trail

Today Linda, Erika. Mikee, and I dropped into the Hopkins St. Bakery….as we oft do…to get treats to have with our coffee across the street. The new owner and her employees always ask about how the campaign is going. Today we told her about the last two events…especially how combining the political with the music and erotic performance went directly into people. SHE said when people experience me, it makes the vision real. Then she about cried. She said she knows if I were president, her life and business would be a whole lot easier! She bought the bakery a few months back and it has been hard because people are cutting back and cookies, cakes, sweet buns, etc. could be seen as luxury items. She said, “but you would take care of us people!” I will!

Lori, a regular at BNG, was asking Corey what was the latest, and he told her about going up to Davis, the Farmer's Kitchen Cafe, performing ... She had actually seen us driving over to Hopkins on that Tuesday morning that we went to Sacramento, and wondered what I was doing driving around on a work day?? Checking up on Corey! Corey told her about the Sacramento trip, and she was very impressed, and even more impressed that Frank has qualified in 25 states, and might possibly add on a few more!

At BNG, Corey ran into David, the neighbor and elector for Frank who Corey runs into every few days, and is always updating on the campaign. They ended up walking back to Curtis St. from the store together, and he was asking how the Erotic Campaign went? Corey told him how amazing it was, and the elements that Frank weaved together. He liked hearing about it ... he asked Corey if we knew Frank before moving into the neighborhood ...? Yes, for years before, and it was the reason why we moved ... He said that when he saw the purple house, he said to himself, "I'm going to like these people!"

A regular customer, a woman Corey had known almost since he started at BNG, was in the store... she teaches Barmitzvah, does some kind of jewish singing ... not too long ago, Corey had given her Frank's platform to check out, and now he asked her if she had read it? Yes she had, she said with a smile. It was funny! Funny in a good way, she said. "If only ...", she said. When Corey said, yeah!, and that we really could have all of that, she said that it was a great lesson for anyone ... to go for everything you want right off the bat, not for what you could settle for ... but for everything you really want. That was a lesson for all people.


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