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Friday, November 07, 2008

Media News: We Won One!

From Media Alliance Email News:
Hopefully this isn't the only "we won" e-mail that many of us will receive in the next 24 hours.
But on this Election Day, we are thrilled to announce that the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) voted unanimously this morning to open vacant television channel spectrum (the "white spaces") to unlicensed use, which support the development of broadband and wireless technologies to increase speed and deliver access to rural and urban low-income communities poorly serviced by commercial providers. This is a big win! There was a furious attempt by the television broadcasters and their lobbying group (the NAB) to delay and/or scuttle this vote.Thank you everyone for your e-mails and calls. They really made a difference. To more victories later today and this evening,

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Paul Escriva wrote:
Yeah...this really seem like a good one!! More channels of possibilities. Frankie, you are still changing the world.

xo Paul

Frank Moore wrote:
ya betcha!


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