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Thursday, December 18, 2008

frank Moore, You are a hero!

aaron ingemi wrote:

Frank Moore; let me start by saying I only know you from your presidential campaign and I am in high school in Massachusetts. However I mostly agree with you and would like to thank you for commenting on the you tube video I made about you. I have a disability too, called asperger's syndrome. For this reason, I do not particularly get along well with people of my age. I am more turned on politically than most in my school at least. I brought the message of the just makes sense party to my summer camp, a camp for people with asperger's. They too, liked your message and we even made a movie about it (it was a comedy and we gave you the power to walk and talk in a computer voice in the film). Also you should, in my opinion, file law suits against states for there ballot access laws. They do not allow all to get on the ballot for example, how is someone with cerebral palsy suppose to collect signatures? Finally I would like to know if it is okay if I start a branch of the just makes sense party in massachusetts when I run for mayor when I am 21. thanks frank Moore! You are a hero!

Frank Moore wrote:
shucks, aaron! i'm glad that i and our campaign inspire you. i would love to see that summer camp movie...if you have a copy. [who played me?] your frank moore = party video was very effective. you sure can form a just makes sense chapter. good luck running for mayor!

we are working with richard winger of ballot access on challenging the procedures and rules of various states that rig the election in favor of the 2 main parties. for example, it turns out n.y....which i know we got votes in...doesn't count write-in votes even for official write-in candidates! my having c.p. would be a red herring distracting from the real point that the process is rigged.

i see that you also have a band. if you send me tracks, i'll play them on

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

Jesse Beagle wrote:
Pleased you are challenging the vote counts, I thought it looked like
a system just waiting to be changed! Your campaign serves this
good cause of "change" needed to get a third party in.


Frank Moore wrote:
that's why we ran!

Jen Wilson wrote:
I think this is the link for the movie Aaron is talking about. Frank Moore: The Movie!

Frank Moore wrote:
what a wonderful video! i'm honored and flattered!

the "real" frank moore

Richard Winger wrote:
Today an attorney asked the District of Columbia Board of Elections to tally the write-ins for the declared write-in candidates. If they won't do it, he will sue the Board. This may open the door to get at some of these other bad jurisdictions.

Also we are waiting to see if Pennsylvania did a good job of tallying write-ins, and there are attorneys ready to sue Pennsylvania also if necessary. Pennsylvania doesn't have a write-in filing procedure (neither does New Jersey).

Frank Moore wrote:
our campaign continues to effect change! it is outrageous we may ever know how many votes we actually got. we know we got votes in penn., n.j., and fact i think n.y. would be our second best next to ca.


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