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Friday, November 21, 2008

These numbers reveal the true number of awakened peoples in America currently.

Now look at this little tidbit below:


• (money spent/total votes=average spent per vote)

• Barack Obama (D) $638,759,000 / 64,629,649 = $9.88 per vote

• John McCain (R) $360,167,823 / 56,888,006 = $6.33

• Ralph Nader (i) $3,952,772 / 665,663 = $5.93

• Bob Barr (L) est. $1,000,000 / 493,175 = $2.02?

• Cynthia McKinney (G) $118,000 / 144,331 = $0.82

Source: Open Secrets[97]

Susan Block wrote:
These charts only showed a few of the canidates. I heard Ron Paul got 19.5 K & didn't run. Do u know how much frank moore spent on ur campaign? ir would be interesting to calculate.

Frank Moore wrote:
Hi Frank,

About how much did you spend on our campaign? My friend Joe ( ) is calculating costs per vote on the candidates.

We could add about $400 of mine to your expenditure, since I figure I spent about that much in various little things.


Frank Moore wrote:
well, we figure we spent between $1,000 and $2,000 on the campaign over the 2 years. we don't include last year's l.a. trip because that was more a CHEROTIC ALL-STARS trip. we don't yet have a vote count. but it is obvious we spent pennies on their dollars! that is what i always do...make things happen for very little money!


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