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Saturday, November 15, 2008

last sunday's show

kene-j is a local hip-hop artist who has been on my luver/tv show quite a lot over the years. but for the first time he came to one of our live performances/campaign events. afterwards he went home and wrote a bunch of songs inspired by the performance. so i had him on to sing these songs. also for years he has been promising me a pot roast!

Pot Roast Anyone??? Yes he had brought it!!! Good News!!! Soon the show started and Tha Archivez, Kene-J had written many new songs that were inspired by Frank and by our last performance that he was a part of, they were softer and sexy, fun!!!! Then came the talk where he really bloomed and talked and talked about the state of the world and needing to focus on love and that can break down all the love-haters!!! It was amazing!!! You could feel how much this guy loves Frank, and feels connected to us. He has been in various shows with us about 8 times now!!! Frank talked about the death of the Claremont House which was a clear example of what needs to be battled with love for Kene in life and we showed him the card Frank got from the lawyer in Utah thanking Frank for his presidential campaign. Kene talked about it only being a matter of time before we break down the conservatives and Frank had stories about that, conservatives loving his platform. Wow it was an amazing show!!


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