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Saturday, November 15, 2008

election returns JUST IN!

according to

suzy and i have recieve 6,563 votes nation-wide so far! keep in mind that most states have not even started counted write-in votes yet! we could get much more. i was expecting a few hundred. THIS IS MIND-BLOWING!

Ruth Spivak wrote:
That is awesome! And you beat 9 other people! Do you have a state by state breakdown yet? I am so proud of you. We have beat the "aristocratic" barrier (Jackson), the religion barrier (Kennedy), the color barrier (Obama) and now you! Way to go!

Vinnie Spit wrote:
Congrats dude - well done.
- Vinnie

Richard Winger wrote:
Unfortunately some person wrote "Frank" but they meant "Brian". Brian Moore is the Socialist Party presidential candidate and he was on the ballot in 8 states. No state has yet tallied any presidential write-ins.

Frank Moore wrote:
ah, something didn't seem to jive! but it was on a mainstream news site...the kind of media on which most people form their reality picture! and what else is unreal?! we will just have to wait to find our actual vote count. and we should remember that vote count will be only the tip of the ice burg of our campaign's influence effect...which has been huge!

Ruth Spivak:
Sometimes when something is too good to be true, it is. I am sorry. But I am looking forward to finding out what your numbers actually were.

Frank Moore wrote:
exactly, ruth. the actual vote count will be small fraction of the effect. also we are getting emails from people...especially in nyc...who tried to vote for me and couldn't because of pressure at the polling place...which is a bummer, an outragew. but it also tells me that people went to the polls for us...which is mind-blowing!

John The Baker wrote:
amazing. this in news !! Ya'll should write a press release and state that 6,500 votes will inspire many new third party candidates for future elections. This is revolutionary!! You should get invited to the white house to teach campainging and to have parts of your platform included into the new admins . platform.

I could see you getting nominated for secretary of the alter abled. !!

Keep going ! Jesse Helms seat in NC which was held by Elizabeth Dole was uprooted by a democrate defeating the incumbant Dole ! revolution I say !

peace my friends !
John the Baker

Frank Moore wrote:
ah, yes....too amazing to be this point. but no matter the numbers, we have opened up the we always do!


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