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Sunday, November 09, 2008

The election

Betsy wrote:
I wanted to congratulate you on your run for president. You put out a view that needed to be heard. You too are an historical figure of this 2008 election. How fabulous that you were able to do this and touch so many people. Look what a person can do if they perservere, you are a role model for all people, not just those who are challenged. I am very excited about the possibilities of our new administration. We all grew up in the thick of the anti-war movement of the civil rights movement and to see this, is wonderful. I guess democracy is not dead. I kept thinking about my mother who was a peace and civil rights activist even before I was born. I know she and her buddies were dancing out there in the universe... we shall overcome.
To peace, tolerance, humanity and to making a difference,
Thank you,
Love, Betsy

Frank Moore wrote:
shucks, betsy!


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