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Friday, November 07, 2008

i just want to say

Susan Block wrote:
Thank YOU, Frank, for an inspirational campaign. I’m honored to have run as your Veep.

My second choice was Obama. So I’m happy his Message of Hope trounced the Republican Uber War Machine.

I can’t wait to see how he responds when you offer him your help in getting the country back onto a course of peace, prosperity, responsibility and good vibes.

I was thrilled to vote for you/us today with British TV filming my cute little business-suited ass for Bravo and Virgin 1. Many people in the line were fans of my public access show in LA (some had seen you on it too!). Even though you’re not supposed to canvass, I slipped a few copies of your platform to people dying to read it. They were bound and determine to vote for Obama, and I wasn’t about to rain on their parade, or blame them for wanting to be a part of this orgasmic seismic historic shift in American dominant culture. But they thanked us profusely for entering the political conversation, giving them fresh ideas that “just make sense” and making a difference in this big sprawling multi-cultural continent we call home.

Peace through pleasure


Frank Moore wrote:
you and i were on a mission of hope! MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! thanks for going on it with me!

the guy working at our polling place was obviously a fan of our shows. he knew who we were voting for!

btw, people are calling me demanding new episodes of your show!


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