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Saturday, November 15, 2008

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MINNESOTA election results

Claremont, CA

Frank mentioned here ...
"These are just the candidates who are listed on the ballot, not counting any write-ins. Ballot Access News reports that Frank Moore is not on the ballot on any state, but he has qualified as a write-in presidential candidate in 25 states, probably a record. He also campaigns diligently. He and his campaign team have been working on getting write-in status for nine months. He lives in Berkeley, California. The Green Papers has some additional information on write-ins and more.
The only state where there are no alternatives to Obama or McCain on the ballot is Oklahoma. Ballot Access News carries the story today that according to E. Z. Million (an independent candidate in 2006 for Lieutenant Governor), the Democratic and Republican Party state chairmen do not oppose easing presidential ballot access."
Um - I think you missed a few
(scroll down to see this discussion ...)
actually has a chance this!!! I'm not voting Obama...I would rather not vote. All the work and time and effort of all the people here and other places who have worked so hard and long and with such dedication to the Dem party and then to be insulted, demeaned, disrespected, etc. will not earn my vote this time.
-- 200+ YEARS
And we still are only really limited to a choice between two political parties. How Sad!
Sadder still when people like Gore Vidal say "I wish we had two parties. What we really have is one party with two wings." How True.
Cynthia McKinney Green Party.
-- OR ...
Steve Kissing, Frank Moore, Jesse Johnson, Mike Gravel, Steve Kubby, Gloria La Riva and more. Link
We've always had choices, we're all just a bunch of sheep who only look at 2 like we're told.
If the Clinton/Obama battle royale leads to people leaving the Democratic party in droves, while Bush incompetence and McCain apathy leads to Republicans leaving their party...this just might save the damn republic!
"Wrench in the works" in '08 baby!"
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"What about the Frank Moore / Susan Block ticket?
Pot-smoking... check.
Squirting... check.
Freaky President... check.
Sexy VP (suck it, Palin!)... check.
Write'em in, people!
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