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Saturday, November 15, 2008


DA BOYZ wrote:

At lunchtime, Corey called and left messages for the Sec. of State's legal dept. again, and for the woman who had processed Frank's candidate filing in the elections office ... while still at lunch, there was a call back from Pam Giarrizzo, the head of the legal dept., letting Corey know that they had decided to count votes which were written-in with only the presidential candidate's name ... She made sure to let him know however that they had some precedent for NOT counting them this way, but that they had decided in the end to do it. Corey let Richard know and he was very happy! He said that their reasons for not counting them were weak ... they were citing cases
that were really about other issues, and there was much more support, both from CA and from other states, for counting write-in votes in situations like these.


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