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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Write-in vote problems.

Richard Winger wrote:
If anyone in New York city (or anywhere in the country) e-mails you that they DID write-in you, and then that same person later learns that the write-in wasn't counted, please save that person's contact info. We may be suing some of these jurisdictions (New York city is very bad) that break their own law and don't count valid write-ins.

Unfortunately people who just let themselves get talked out of writing in aren't useful for this purpose.

Frank Moore wrote:
we have gotten 2 such reports from nyc...from different parts of the city...which tells me there were more such cases. sounds like the person wrote me in, realized she didn't do it correctly, asked for a second ballot and help, but was met with hostile resistence by the polling officials, so left without successfully voting. did i get it right, aimee?

Aimee McCormick wrote:
Yes, I was not able to cast my vote because the staff at the polling place were hostile, but, alas, not that my vote wasn't counted. I should have asked for help before entering the booth, but did not anticipate having trouble with the machine. Staff member entered my booth uninvited, which I felt was in violation of my privacy. I wanted assistance but did not want someone in the booth with me, she entered uninvited, as, I suppose, I was taking too long, I asked her to leave the booth as I noticed the instructions for write in candidates on the wall of booth. I followed the instructions, the last step being to pull over the lever, duh!! So, I asked for help again, at that point, where she chastised me for having pulled the lever, and I felt ridiculed in front of everyone in the polling place, she shouted across the room to someone higher-up, who potentially could have helped me recast the vote and told me to speak to him, but felt humiliated, and ran out crying like a dumbass, with people laughing at me. I suggest educating people on how to write in more specifically with those damn old machines. If I had just held down the "personal choice" button while sliding over the slot at the same time I would have been able to vote for you. I thought I knew what to do had done some write in research beforehand, but the instructions on the booth were just not instructive, and following them, I ended my session. Look, I really love living and working in Harlem, but there was obvious bias at the polling place, and as much as I want to stand for democracy, I just didn't want everyone knowing I was not voting for Obama, I get enough attention as it is.

So I guess I got "talked out of it" bummer, next time will be more proactive, but am honored to have correspondence with you.

Yours Truly,

Frank Moore wrote:
aimee, you went beyond the call of duty! thanks! that shows how seriously people took our campaign. it also shows how much the election process is stacked/rigged, at all layers, in favors the 2 major parties.

richard, should aimee register a complaint now?

Richard Winger wrote:
Probably she shouldn't bother. She should just serve as an example for all of us who read your posts.

Frank Moore wrote:


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