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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

various comments

From: Voter
To: Frank Moore
Subject: various comments

frank: i think you gotta get paul to be your vice presidential running mate... that'd be the 'real ticket'...! gee, if i keep coming up with these slogans you're gonna hafta hire me... lol...

From: Frank Moore
To: Voter
Subject: various comments

I'm running without money! But i'll hire you on that basis. I'm thinking of asking Medea Benjamin of Code Pink and Global Exchange to be my vice ... and her husband Kevin to be my Sec. of State.


Anonymous Lanaia Lee said...

Lanaia Lee here, yes, I endorse a very learned Frank Moore for president. His platform is right up my alley. I would consider it, an honor to be a speech writer for our next president.

Lanaia Lee

5:34 PM  
Blogger lavapen said...

thanks, lanaia! i write all my own speeches...putting words in my own mouth! but you could write about why you support me.

In Freedom,
Frank Moore

12:41 PM  

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